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RTW Trip (Leg 5)

Paris, France

Bonjour Madam & Monsieur,

Je m'appelle Adso..... thats all I remember of my highschool french lessons, so communication has been much more challenging here in Paris! What is making this email very difficult is is im using the hotel computer in french, with a european keyboard, it is classic european genius, u need to hold down shift to use any numbers, or full stops, the letters are randomised, i dont even know how to use the at symbol... anyway, it illustrates what the masterer always says, that in certain circumstances, even a pro can be n00b, and n00b is what we are here in europe!!

The City:
The city is beautiful, cobbled stone everywhere, old architecture, extravicant monuments etc. Ill let the photos talk for themselves when we get back home.


The People:
Apologies to anyone with french family/friends from, this point on, but the people here are truly a frustrating breed, there is no better word than, 'complete arrogance'.. they walk and drive as if everyone else exists as a subplot to their day to day activities.. No such thing as queues or general manners, its every man for himself! Even 80yr old grannies are the same lol.

The scooter drivers here are everywhere and are 'completely' suicidal!!! I have taken heaps of tips on-board for when I get home, I remember this one rider leaning into a car to light up his ciggy for the journey, but atleast they wear helmets in france, unlike the riders in hawaii, on their 600cc bikes in shorts and t-shirt!


The Shopping & Food:
If I was charged with creating 'the' worlds most boring shopping city, I would re-create the city of Paris. Men, imagine with me here, a city of maze-like streets, with fashion boutique after fashion boutique, forget anything like electronics or sports-wear, or department stores, even hardware stores, who needs anything thats not from the catwalk, right?

Being a westernised nub, I was not expecting to find chocolate croissants here, but was pleasantly suprised to find that they are the most common type of pastry here, and they are so nice and fluffy, crisp on the outside and tasty, they take the miller street sour dough bakery and gives it *some of these ones*.

For some reason, French Champagne is cheap over here, expensive bottles in australia, are 17 euro's from the local supermarket.. cheryl and i tested the local champagne market last night, and I am still feeling the effects....

Anyway, this keyboard is killing me, so it is time to move on, tomorrow we head to leg 6, the home of heinekin in amsterdam, cant wait!!

Be good everyone,

Au Revoir,
Adso & Chezza

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