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RTW Trip (Leg 6)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

hallo noobs,

we is bringing the greetings from teh hollandaise, from err... who u might know as your man in da amsterdam.

this place is fully pro, its so relaxed here, the people are happy to speak english or dutch, it honestly feels like the best of the countries we have visited so far... the romance of france with the beautiful architecture, cobbled roads, bicycles... the canals of venis... the nightlife/vices of Las Vegas, so much beer to drink, but yet its nothing like Vegas, there are no crowds, the people get drunk or wasted, and they are still friendly ya know? theres no fighting or shouting, maybe a little singing.... and in that way it feels a little like Toronto where the people were so friendly..

I do have to say that I am writing this email in a local internet cafe that 'doubles' as a 'coffee-house', as a result the dude behind the encounter is errr.. rather bloodshot and not looking at full mental-strength, im thinking I wont try and make any complicated requests, im happy just to have some sort of access :-/

Food & Drink:
We had half an hour to kill when we arrived, so we hit up a local bar, it was like getting hit in the face with smoke at first, especially now that we are so used to smoke-free back home, but once we got used too it, it was great, the heinekin was flowing (as it does in every establishment here lol), 2 Euro per beer lol.. now that is genuine 1959 prices right there.... tastes good over here too, though no doubt that could be bias! Though I must say I did discover 'Bavaria' beer last night, which is probably the best beer ive had on this trip thus far.

The food is a real mix, we scored bigtime on the first night with this indian place, we had to wait to get a seat, but wow, srsly the best indian ive ever had, the naan felt like it has dropped off the oven into my hand, the curries were great, meat perfect fillet, yummo... anyway loving that, and this fix should get us thru too our next indian stop, the 'curry&naan' in tokyo :P

McDonalds was a fraction dissapointing, I had really hoped for a 'Royale with Cheese', but turns out they had the metric system here, maybe I had my countries confused, but I can say that they do infact 'drown them in that sh1t' when it comes to mayo on their fries.

Ofcourse no Holland Food report would be complete without some reeeeally 'good food'... I think the attached picture sums it up, totally pro sandwich =)


Oh... and they also have nice brownies here also.

Shopping & Entertainment:
Well everything kind of revolves around drinking and smoking here, heinekin is cheaper and more common than water, but there is fun shopping too, i have some photos of my favourite store 'sissy-boy homeland' to show later, and we filled time really easily here.

The place is a bit crazy, there seems to be some sort of heirachy between:
bicycle > tram > car > scooter > pedestrian, but in the 4 days here i am yet to work it out, and as a result things are chaotic, and the lack of accidents is amazing, though we did see a few!

Anyway, we are off to Venice now, only 2 countries left, Italy & Japan, but there are several stops as we explkore each country. Have fun all, and good luck on that macquarie move, i expect a full analysis of the food and pub situation upon my return!

Adso & Cheryl

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