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Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia

Hai gusy, howzitgoan?

Just back from the first anniversary weekend, who could have guessed that just 12 months ago, we would be sunning ourselves in Hawaii; exploring ancient Rome; romancing in Paris; or being dazzled by the lights of Tokyo & Vegas… and I guess it was probably inevitable that the next step would be a tour of the majestic NSW Southern Tablelands, culminating in the tourist hot-spot “Kangaroo Valley”.

You know… things are a little different out in the country, with all the windy little country roads, dirt & gravel, and in Sydney you might expect some 40km/h speed signs, but that’s not how they roll out here, were talking a nice flat 100km/h wherever you go! And it makes things easier, as you can tell the locals, since they are the ones driving Commodore Utes at about..err.. 100km/h around 15km/h corners that would make the steepest concrete driveway look soft!


Anyway, it was an experience for the recently purchased Swift, traditionally a city car with its few cm of clearance, there were a few moments over dirt roads and rushing fjords where I questioned its merits, but in the end I think the RE2 (Rally Edition) badge’ing and plastic body kit got us through, revelling in the down and dirty conditions.


The chalet we stayed in was beautiful, peaceful and romantic, the only question was… what on earth do you do when you’re not sleeping or eating? Wheres the TV, or the Intrawebz? I still don’t know the answers to these questions, so I gave up and read a book or 2, and put into practice the skills & experience passed down to me from Survivorman & Bear Grylls, and let me tell you, both would have been proud of the fire-starting skills that went into the lounge-room fire each night, the structure, the symmetry, & the sheer omgwtfbbq flamage. In a way I was disappointed that they had left me a packet of matches, because in a more extreme survival situation, I would be using 2 fire-sticks and a bit of good old-fashioned hard-yacka.



In fact it was the same story when it came to foraging for food, I did contemplate catching and cooking up an echidna we came across, but in the end it turned out you could just buy food from the nearby shops instead.. and on the topic of food, I cant say I’ve ever visited an entire district in which the only food you could buy was a meat pie… bluddy fantastic! Nothing is as romantic as sharing a couple of good old-fashioned Aussie pies with your loved one.

Anyway, a nice weekend, but thank god for civilisation…

Adsoroo out.

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