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The very under-rated city of Adelaide!

I am Charles Sturt. Ok.. well not really (obviously)... but thats what all the billboards say here in Adelaide, and after pondering the meaning behind the signs, I realised that this was probably some sort of local tribute to Tyler Durden; and if you process that logically, then what appeared to be a sunny, smiling facade, is no doubt hiding a seedy underground network of vicious fight clubs. Even as we speak, I walk the Adelaide streets in fear.

In any case, things do work a little different down here... I mean after we landed, we drove directly down to Glenelg, and within seconds of parking the car, a group of locals cruised past and shouted at us from their car window. I suppose I shouldnt have been suprised (it is a rough neighbourhood), but I certainly wasnt expecting to cop an ear-full of smiling "Happy Easter!" at 40km/h.

I have to admit we didnt really know what to do with ourselves in the city, I mean sure we saw some nice sites, Cape Jervis, the Barossa, but mostly the trip was about eating and drinking tonnes of good food & drink (we have err.. a few yoga/gym appointments when we get back), and a typical night out consisted of a big dinner, one and a half beers (or wines), then head home, shower, & be in bed by 9:30pm. As our friends will know, the social life suited us down to a tee!


Let me summarise some of the more significant differences between Sydney & Adelaide:

Music & Media - The music is both great & hilarious, 92.7 is the local dance station, they play non-stop dance tunes straight from the mid 90's, im talkin literal Wild FM tracks. And you know the audience base isnt that huge, when they have to advise listeners not to ring in for any competitions if they have already won in the past 30 days... "Share the Adelaide Love" is the catch-cry. Oh they have a Mix FM down here too, it honestly reminded me a lot of the radio stations in games such as GTAIV or Saints Row 2.

In terms of written media, I did see one funny thing in the Sunday paper... although there was coverage of the AFL & even some Union, somebody forgot to put in the results of the weekends NRL games, lol, I mean its obviously just an oversight, but somebody will have egg on their faces when they get to work on Monday!

Climate - Hmmm the sun is hotter down here, not really sure why, and the lack of water is in your face, the rolling grass hills are yellow straw, ill show that in some of the photos (posted when we get back), I can only imagine how beautiful it would have been pre-drought. Once you get away from town, its basically like a desert, with hot days & cold nights. To the untrained traveller, this sort of harsh climate could be extremely dangerous... fortunately for Cheryl, her husband has seen all of the relevent Man vs Wild episodes (including the Kimberleys, Sahara and Kalahari). Using these skills I was fully prepared to trap small game using left-over ignition wires from the hire-car, or even sucking moisture from nearby cactus roots, in fact I probably would have put these skills to use if it wasnt for the abundance of local restaraunts and coopers ale. Still, you can never be too prepared right?


Beaches - The beaches were very different, they basically all look identical, even right down on the tip of Cape Jervis. They all have a very 'family-friendly' 6-inch swell, and with nice hard flat sand. I think I liked it, because it reminded me of my glory-days, jogging laps of sydneys northern beaches. I actually really liked the quiteness of these beaches, you have them all to yourself, though I can imagine any locals may want to watch a few episodes of 'Bondi Rescue' before tackling a Sydney swell.


Roads & Traffic - They do have 'traffic' here, but peak hour is closer to maybe the sunday traffic in Sydney. Driving round the Adelaide CBD is quite leisurely, in fact we deliberately drove right during morning/afternoon peak times for giggles. The CBD is quite spaced out, there isnt really many office buildings as such, I was highly amused by the parking meters on Sundays (20c for 3 hours), thats genuine 1970 prices! Apart from that, they love to just have lanes merge without any signs, which I have to admit, helps keep me awake, but is a little freaky at the same time.


Right, well I really must go, we are jetting home in a few hours, and I uncovered that they have Harrys Cafe De Wheels Pies right there at the Sydney domestic airport, can u believe that? Hax.

Charles Sturt
(aka Adso & Chez)

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