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RTW Trip (Leg 4)

New York

Hai Gusy!

The City:
New York was definately not what we were expecting, it was a baptimism of fire, we stepped out of the hotel for a 'stroll', not realising that it was 5pm on a Friday afternoon, before a long public holdiday weekend, and the street we had chosen, was the centre of times square...... needless to say it was horrific, nowhere to stop, just move with the sea of people. Luckily its not always that bad we have since found out, but it is still a very very busy place!

This is unlike any of the US cities we have been before, it is old and dirty, it has a smell when you walk, and its not like the smell in a hot human country like singapore, its a smell caused by the piles of garbage along the streets, it really is very dirty!

Oh and manners arent huge over here, drivers honk just cause they have a horn, Taxi drivers will just plow through crowded pedestrian crossings, its uber fun!

The People:
The locals are unique, they have a distinct look, kind of dirty, sweaty, tat's, not much body fat, veins in their necks and very hardened, I wouldnt want to mess with them! I suppose many of you feel the same way when you think of me, but I can assure you that these New York folk, take things to a whole new level.

The Food & Shopping:
One of the most dissapointing parts of the city was the food, they dont have the range of stores, like in the previous legs, the food and drink consists of guys selling hotdogs out of mobile corner stands and small dingy cafe type establishments. We came expecting brilliant hotdogs and pizza at the very least, but I assure you that we do food and drink about 10x better in Sydney already, same goes for most of the legs we have had so far, apart from perhaps Toronto. Anyway, ill whip up a quick quantifiable analysis to assist anyone who prefers a diagram:

- Harrys Cafe De Wheels Hotdog >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NY Hotdog
- Pizza Cutters >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NY Pizza
- Little Vienna / Something Between Bread Sandwich >>>>>>>> NY Sandwich

Ok that should clear things up, ok the shopping, thats one thing that this place does pretty well, 5th Avenue, Park Avenue, Madison, Lexington.. blah blah.. go watch an episode of Sex In The City, they have a lot of high-end shopping, and everything is pretty much here, if u can find it, cause its spread around a massive grid of streets, randomly, there arent really big malls here in town.

But we got some cool stuff, its really weird... I mean there are brand-names in Australia, that are so looked up too, people pay $400+ for jeans etc.. but over here, they are just another brand, and priced atleast 50% less, and many are available in your local department store, it makes my mind boggle, why we pay such inflated prices for this stuff back home :-/


Not a heap to do in NY, were just exploring the streets, shopping, eating and catching up on a little sleep. We saw Chicago last night, Cheryl had a ball which was great, personally I am still holding out for 'Pure Pwnage - Pwns Broadway', its deadset award winning theatre guaranteed.

Oh, and since ive been so bored without a PC to play, I did manage to read a few books, and one I suggest is Michael Crichton's 'State of Fear', its a very interesting and powerful opposing view on the cause of global warming, Dunners will be happy about that im sure!

Ok 1.5 more day, some museums, and then we get to make our way to JFK, and go tackle Europe, that should be an experience, as if the language barrier wasnt bad enough with the American vs Aussie (+250% Speed Enhanced) barrier I have already.

Hope everyone is well, im begging for a Lowenbrau session when we get back, im hoping Europe can out-do the US selection of beers we have had so far, the only really decent beer they have in USA is 'Sam Adams - Boston Lager', its a bit of an amber beer though, but its the beer of choice here.


Adso & Chez

P.S. No photos on this email, the internet cafes are just too lame for words :-/

P.P.S. I am still contemplating the ultimate insult, and not buying a I <3 N.Y. T-Shirt, but we will see!

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